Greenliant Systems releases G-card NVMe SSDs

Greenliant is introducing their new G7100 Series G-card, a high-capacity NVMe SSD that leverages an array of NANDrive SSDs in a PCIe form factor. Each NANDrive is it's own entity with its own embedded controller and ECC capability. This creates a scalable architecture that offers up to 2.75TB of storage.


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The use of a distributed architecture provides built-in RAID functionality, which increases speed and improves reliability. Greenliant claims the new card offers an Uncorrectable Bit Error Rate (UBER) of 1 sector per 10E28, which is orders of magnitude higher than competing solutions. The G-card also features host power loss protection, and utilizes standard MLC NAND to deliver 10 Drive Writes Per Day (DWPD) of endurance. Speeds and feeds indicate the G-card won't set any performance records, but is geared more for reliability and an economical price point. The G-Card features 875 MB/s of sequential read speed, and 850 MB/s for sequential write. Random 4k reads weigh in at 130,000 IOPS, and random writes are 60,000 IOPS.


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The card connects via the PCIe 2.0 connection at x4, and features a five-year warranty. The G-card is also bootable on multiple platforms.