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NANDrive™ BGA Form-Factor SSDs, mSATA ArmourDrive™ SSDs, NAND Controllers, Specialty Flash Memory




Greenliant憑藉超過 20年的固態儲存設計的專業知識,Greenliant系統公司致力於開發節能,高可靠和安全的儲存解決方案為嵌入式系統,數據中心和行動網路市場。

Company Overview


By leveraging more than 25 years of solid state storage design expertise, Greenliant Systems is dedicated to developing durable, reliable and secure storage solutions for embedded systems and enterprise datacenters. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley with product development centers in Santa Clara, Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen and Hsinchu.

Founded in April 2010 by former SST (Silicon Storage Technology, Inc.) chairman and CEO, Bing Yeh, Greenliant is a major supplier of solid state storage, controller and flash memory products to leading automotive, industrial and networking companies.

Greenliant offers the following product lines, built to withstand the most extreme conditions, for long-life applications:


  • NANDrive™ (eMMCPATA/IDESATA) embedded solid state drives are high-endurance storage devices that combine Greenliant's industrial grade NAND controller with NAND flash in a small form factor, ball grid array (BGA) package.
  • ArmourDrive™ (mSATA) solid state drives with power interrupt data protection offer the features and benefits of NANDrive on a small, removable printed circuit board (PCB) module, and are ideal for user data storage. 
  • G-card® NVMe PCIe flash storage cards combine Greenliant's advanced controller and an array of small form factor NANDrive™ solid state drives to provide high reliability, high performance and large capacity storage for demanding enterprise and Internet datacenter applications.
  • NAND Controllers with advanced NAND flash memory management technology provide increased data integrity, powerful error correction capability and prolonged product life for high-reliability storage systems. 
  • Specialty Flash Memory includes the CSF™ (Concurrent SuperFlash™)Many-Time Programmable and SSF™ (Small-Sector Flash™) families, designed for application code storage that requires superior data reliability, low power consumption and a small footprint.


Greenliant Timeline


In May 2010, Greenliant Systems acquired the NANDrive, NAND Controller and Specialty Flash Memory assets of SST, a wholly owned subsidiary of Microchip Technology, Inc.


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