SONiX - Wireless camera for rear camera

SONix Camera


SONiX SN93370 series is a wireless video/audio processor. It supports one-way video, two-way audio and two-way command transmission through proprietary Wi-Fi. The system provides strong coexistence and anti-interference with other wireless device. Besides point-to-point transmission, SN93370 also supports 4T1R transmission and broadcast. It is possible to display image from quad cameras on a LCD panel.


SN93370 is a turnkey solution for all wireless video applications for Packing Cam/Rear Cam. SONiX also provide SDK (in C language), PC application and hardware design guidelines for customers. It is very easy to customize and development.



  • Support one-way video
  • Support 4 transmitters and 1 receiver, display quad camera images on LCD
  • Support 2.4G digital wireless connectivity
  • Built-in video encoding and decoding
  • Support LCD output and TV output
  • Support Audio input/output

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