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March 2012

Greenliant booth at Embedded World 2012At the recent Embedded World 2012 event, Greenliant successfully showcased its industry leading NANDrive™ and specialty flash memory products. Numerous customer meetings and discussions with new prospects at the show generated strategic opportunities, highlighting the growing interest worldwide in our embedded SSD and memory solutions.

“What happens if the power suddenly fails?”
To answer this question, we set up a power interrupt data recovery demonstration at Embedded World to show how NANDrive prevents data corruptionan important feature for mission critical applications. The demo consisted of a motherboard and a relay board controlling the power supply to the SATA NANDrive running Windows XP. The control relay was used to abruptly cut the power to the NANDrive and its timing is randomly selected from a programmable range. There was also a "cut now" button so that a power fail can be implemented at any time.  
NANDrive Power Interrupt demonstration screenshot

During the three days at Embedded World, we had 977 consecutive successful power interrupt restarts. All worked perfectly to demonstrate NANDrive’s robustness in a power fail environment. Please contact Greenliant for more information and application material, which is available under NDA.
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