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SPI NOR Flash / SPI NAND Flash / Cortex-M MCU


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GigaDevice,the leading provider of Non-Volatile Memory(NVM) device,is the fables company engaged in advanced memory and related chip design in Mainland China established in 2005.GigaDevice provides a wide range of high speed and low power NOR Flash memory products.


Since 2007,GigaDevice has been accredited by DQS ISO9001 and ISO14001.More than 55% employees are in research and development segment,which assures our products the leading position in competition.


The members of GigaDevice management team have rich working experience in famous memory companies in Silicon Valley US,Korea and Taiwan.GigaDevice has developed the 1st SPI NOR Flash,the 1st NAND Flash,the 1st series od ARM Cortex – M3 32-bit general-purpose MCU products,the 1st SRAM and the 1st GigaROM product in China.GigaDeivce currently provides a wide range of SPI NOR Flash,SPI NAND Flash and MCU in embedded,consumer electronics,and mobile communications domain.

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